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Supergirls Just Fly

The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love

Chloe and Kara: Supergirls Just Fly
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Chloe Sullivan: Intrepid reporter since age eight, this spunky, smart woman has worked hard to reach her position at The Daily Planet, accomplishing what few cub reporters are able to: Make it to the front page with her own byline. She has recently discovered her own abilities, empathetic healing, but others have said, aside from her hacking skills which she has been developing since Junior High, her superpower is really what she has to offer in the way of friendship.

Kara Zor-El: A young woman from Krypton, she has recently arrived on this planet and discovered the shock that everyone on her home planet is dead, and all she has left is a cousin who she knew when he was a baby. Kara is snarky, clever, and quite the fish out of water, although humans' cute little customs amuse her quite a bit and her natural inclination is to protect them.


1. All posts and discussions should focus on Chloe, Kara, or the ship of Chloe and Kara.
2. If your fiction has a secondary pairing, it should not be the main focus of the ship, or be used to undermine the Chlara love in the end. Ex. Although she had found her true partner, her heart would always ache wistfully for that smashing Jimmy Olsen!
3. No bashing of Chloe or Kara.
4. No flaming other members (or I will kill you), or making baiting posts (or I will ban you).
5. Put spoilers for the new episodes under an lj-cut for a week after the episode airs in the US.
6. Put large images/multiple images, fanfiction, or anything that will break someone's layout under an lj-cut.
7. Please comment on the works of the contributors and don't just lurk. The key to keeping a community thriving.

8. All fiction should have these tags in the header:
Pairings: Chlara and X, Y, Z

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